Practical Laundry Renovation Tips

Contrary to what many think, there are some very simple tweaks that can be made in the laundry to make it look stylish and provide a comfortable place to do chores. Even working to a strict budget there is nothing to stop you from breathing new life into this room in the home, and we have some tips on doing just that. From upgrading your laundry taps to boosting your organization, here are some very simple and practical tips to renovate your laundry.

Sink Overhaul

If you are not on a tight budget then one of the first places that you could start with your laundry renovation is to invest in a new laundry trough. Laundry sinks actually don’t cost the earth, and the impact they have on this small room can be major. The sink shouldn’t just look good of course, it should also suit your practical needs. The better the sink you have, the more that you are likely to use it.

Renovation Tips

Decanting Your Goods

First impressions go a long way, and this is why we would recommend that you invest in some bell and Mason jars for this room, to decant the products that you regularly use. Bottles of detergent and fabric conditioner, even if stowed away, can look unsightly and disorganized. Simply decanting them into translucent jars is a great way to add some style to the room, and make those products far easier to use when the time comes.

Stacking Machines

A simple and practical hack that can provide you with more space in the laundry is to stack your washer and drier on top of one another. In most cases, you can do this directly although if you are worried about the weight of one on the other, you could use a wooden separator. This will free up so much room that you could then use to add a cool feature. For most people, the laundry is a very small space, which is why it makes so much sense to free some of it up to give the appearance of a larger room.

Entertainment Center

If you do have a little bit of space to play with, consider adding a small area of the room for a television and a Bluetooth speaker. Few people think about introducing tech to the laundry but in doing so you make it a much more relaxing space for when you are busy with tasks. Just imagine getting your prewash done, or cleaning muddy boots, whilst you tune into your favorite show or listen to a great playlist. Work smarter not harder.

Using The Walls

Understandably many people will use the walls of the laundry to hang mops, brushes, and other such items. We suggest that you do things a little differently in order to add some serious style to the space. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from using the walls for artwork, an attractive clock, or even adding shelving for plants to create an entirely new ambiance in this space.

These are very simple tips that you could employ in the laundry to add some style in this room in the home, why not give them a try?

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