Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore During a Roof Replacement

As a homeowner, you’re probably well awarethat you must occasionally perform maintenance on your roof. Occasionally mere maintenancewon’t be enough, and you’ll need a new roof replacement. Being able to tell the difference between maintenance and replacement needs can save you a lot of time and money.

Roof Replacement

Here are the most common things to look for with your roof…

Determining when you need a new roof replacement isn’t rocket science. There are a few things you should be on the lookout for. These include:

  • Clogged drains, gutters, and downspoutslead to numerous types of roofing issues (e.g., Adding additional weight to your roof, causing leaks, and algae growth). The biggest and worst issue that you may have here is when water either leaks over your gutters and seeps into your foundation or your downspouts split in,causing damageto your foundation. With the proper routine maintenance (e.g., removing debris, trimming trees),this doesn’t have to result in the need for a new roof replacement.
  • If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, you want to make sure to remove any limbs that hang over the top of yourroof.Failure to do so can result in drains becoming clogged and your roof’s membrane damaged. Additionally, when your roof receives too much shade, your shingles will start curling and buckling.
  • Your roof’s penetrations are sealed with what’s known as pitch pockets. These need to be inspected frequently. Properly maintaining them can prevent the need for a new roof replacement. There are several things that can cause these pitch pockets to become compromised. These include the sealer becoming dried out, movement in your home’s structure, and having been improperly installed in the first place. Once your pitch pockets become compromised,the damage will begin, butunfortunately, you won’t know about it immediately.
  • Once your roof grows older, it’ll start shrinking and cracking. In doing so, it’ll produce a pattern of deep cracks that look like an alligator’s hide. This is what roofers call “alligatoring.” if you live in Tampa, FL, your home’s roofis subject to the sun’s harsh UV rays,which is the main cause of this issue. To protect your roof, you’ll want to apply either a reflective roof coating or a UV protector to it. You’ll also want tomaintain routine inspections so that you know about any issues that occur right away. When only a small area of your roof is affected, the area can easily be removed and patched. However, if the area grows too big, you’ll need a new roof replacement.
  • If you have either an EPDM or modified bitumen roof on your home,it’s important to watch for shrinkage. There are a few different reasons this may occur, including poor installation,aging, and UV exposure. Once shrinkage occurs,cracks will occur in the upper layer of your roof. Moisture can then seep into your home, where it may result in leaksthat cause wood rotand the growth of mold.The only way to fix this issue is to have a new roof properly installedso that you can then keep up-to-date in performing routine maintenance.

Get the help you need when it’s time for anew roof replacement.

At Avatar Roofing in Tampa, FL,we have a thorough understanding of your roofing needs. This comes from working with numerous homeowners throughout our years of being in business. By continually supplying this area’s homeownerswith service that’s both trustworthy and transparent,we’ve been able to walk away with quite a positive reputation. We know that you’ll also be a satisfied customer when the time comes for a new roof replacement.So, when that time arrives, make sure togive us a call.

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