An Overview Of Steel Fabrication

Steel is one of the most popular elements in the world. It is used in construction projects, to make equipment, and so many other things. The properties like high strength, flexibility, immunity to oxidation, and so many others make it more effective than other metals. One of the best things about steel is that its properties can be highly modified by using certain elements. Steel is fabricated in Nepal in a really high amount. As a matter of fact, steel construction in Nepal is one of the most viable businesses. There are many companies who’re involved in it.

Steel Products

There are so many steel products available in the Nepali market thanks to the steel construction in Nepal activities. These include general products like nuts and bolts, pipes, steel bars, and so on, or sophisticated products like Conveyor belts, machineries, and so on. Steel is used mainly in construction projects. It is used in the form of TMT bars and reinforcement bars. Its unique properties allow it to be used on the outside and on the inside of a building.

Steel Fabrication

Steel is Fabricated either by using old steel products and steel billets, or by using iron. In the former process, steel billets belonging to the same type and grade and melted together, and then they are purified and allowed to cool down. After this they are given numerous shapes as per the need. In the latter process, the iron billets are melted and then carbon is added to the mixture. Carbon is what gives the steel its properties. To modify the basic properties of steel other elements like chromium, nickel and so on are added to the mixture. It is then purified, cooled down, and bent or cut in various shapes as per the need.

Steel Importance

Apart from the few features mentioned above, steel is also very affordable and environment friendly. You can always find a type of steel that is ideal for your project, and at the same time cost effective. You can reuse steel and recycle it to produce new products. This is one reason why a lot of companies and individuals prefer using steel over other materials. It is evident from the above points that it covers a huge range of fields when it comes to use, from marine technology to petroleum to general construction projects and use at homes, the possibilities are limitless. Steel is one of the most important metallic elements in use today.

Hama steel is one of the best companies when it comes to steel construction in Nepal. They mainly produce products that are used during construction projects like TMT bars, rebars, and so many others. If you’re looking for an expert to help you with your steel construction project and also steel products, Hama Steel can prove to be the one stop solution for you. You can easily find steel products in the markets of Nepal, but if you’re looking for especially designed equipment, for instance, a conveyor belt, well you could contact the companies directly.

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