Significance of After-Sales Care for Interior Designing Firms

Getting a beautiful home designed is one thing but maintaining its beauty quotient over a long period is quite another. Majority of home owners ignore the long term aspects of home décor and design when seeking the services of an interior designer.

The growing competition in the interior designing space has meant that there are many new designers on the block, each offering similar designs at lower budgets for clients.  Only a good designer with hands on experience would however be able to match the design with a sustained after care ensuring the designs stay good for a long time.

Decoding Interior design and after sales

While designing and costs for designs remain a preferred parameter for choosing an interior design firm, after sales service and support are just as important. There are many things that can go wrong post designing, once people start living in it. This is especially true for new designs, conceptualized and implemented by the designer in the first couple of projects. Having new and innovative design augurs well for you for being exclusive. However, how the design adds value to day to day living can only be gauged once residents start living in the designed space.

From regular wear and tear of the designed elements to lack of comfort in using other elements there can be multiple things that can surface once residents start using the designed house. A good designer should be able to offer after-sales support by helping alter the designs or remodel the designs to ensure the house gives comfort and quality of life to the residents. After all, a successful design is not that which looks good; but also offers value to residents in their day to day living experience.

Why and how ‘after sales care’ makes a big difference

After-sales care for interior designing holds a special significance. Without proactive after-sales, the home or property owners may have to shell out additional funds to facilitate any changes in design or repair in the near future. This is a core reason why after-sales care is a game changer and an essential aspect while picking an interior designer.

After-sales care includes maintenance of designs, repairs for designed elements, remodeling of designs as per changing needs and balancing comfort and style post designs.

Maintenance of designs

Designing the home interiors is one thing but maintenance of the design aspects is quite another. Good designers make it a point to design various elements in such a way that the designs are durable, and needs minimal to no maintenance. In their quest to offer exclusive design some designers may add in areas which require regular maintenance. A good designer will ensure that proactive after-sales care team regularly checks with quarterly visits to ensure smooth design facilitation and usage.

Repairs for designed elements

Calling for repair of any designed elements is the next important aspect of after-sales care by the interior designer. Usually designed elements are implemented by one or more contractors. Hence it is only natural that all repairs are carried out by the same team. A good interior designing company will ensure that they are as proactive in offering repair as they were in offering the designing solutions.

Remodeling of designs as per changing needs

Once the designer has handed over the project to the clients and the client start using it, they may require change in designs to meet the changing needs. The residents may find some designs not adding comfort to their day to day living. In such a scenario a proactive designer with an assured after-sales service can ensure the designs are altered without costing a bomb. This ensures they retain their design while adding a sense of comfort to the residents.

Balancing comfort and style post designs

Changing designs post completion is a common request that many interior designers get. Many home owners seeking change of designs after some years need smaller modifications without spending a big budget on alterations. For designers offering after-sales service and support, such modification requests can be managed without changing the core design essence of the house. This helps them ensure that new designs are implemented balancing them with the current design structure to make for a balanced living.

When it comes to picking an interior design firm in Bangalore or any other cities, choosing the one that offers new design elements within your budget is essential. Just as essential is to choose the designer which has a good after-sales policy to ensure any changes or modification requests are resolved proactively.

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