Why a Jute Rug should form part of the checklist

You recently moved to your new place but each time you enter you feel something is missing, is that so? Even though after breaking the bank you remain unsatisfied. Well, let’s check what is it that failed to make to your checklist? Paint colour? Check. Wall stickers? Check. Flower pot or vase? Check. Bookshelf? Check. Side table? Check. Rug? Now don’t give that ‘How-can-I-forget-this?’ look because it is not too late (By the way, really how can you forget a rug!). It is something via which you can add a splash of colours to a place without going hard on the pocket.

Why a Jute rug?

Many types of rugs are available in the market varying in size, colour, texture, fabric, style, etc. Out of them, Floor space jute rug holds a special place in people’s heart and their home. After all, the underfoot soft jute rug proves to be most of the décor’s perfect match. They are attractive and make an elegant setting. The presence of little sheen with earthy colour compliments the furnishing.

Pale neutral brown is the natural colour of the fiber used to make jute rugs. However, using bleach it can be turned into a pale cream and they can be dyed in other colours as well. They not only differentiate in colours but patterns as well and are eventually bounded with linen. They are heavy-knit and durable in nature which makes them fit for high traffic areas such as foyers and living rooms. However, they are good absorbent and if anything is spilt over them, it will leave a stain. A jute rug acts like a sponge. Due to very reason these rugs are not for areas where moisture level is high.

It is not hard to clean a jute rug

Natural fibers like jute are easy to maintain because dirt rests loosely and doesn’t cling to the fibers. They are known for their longevity if properly taken care of. However, they should not be steam cleaned or cleaned with the help of a shampoo.

Floorspace is the store for you

Hand worked on braided natural fiber always stands out and give your place an edgy and classic look. Visit floorspace.com.au to have a glimpse at the environment-friendly jute rug collection. Each piece is naturally flawless with bold designs and borders. With each piece spread wall to wall will bring out the comfort effortlessly in each room irrespective of the fact whether it is a commercial or residential décor.

Moreover, if you do not find the collection apt or it doesn’t suit your taste or doesn’t go with the room, no worries decorators, because you can create your own rug which will compliment your room and live up to your taste! In the ‘create your own rug’ section, you can choose from various materials, colours, patterns, border style, dimension and Bingo!

You are good to go!

So, whether you are moving into your new home or giving a makeover to your office, you can never go wrong with a jute rug and to hit the bull’s eye and Floorspace is always there to help you.

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