Queens Homes Exterior Design Trends in 2022

When it comes to home design, most folks understandably think of interior design projects—painting or wallpapering the walls, switching up the furniture layout, or hanging new window coverings. It’s easy to forget that the outside of your house needs some attention, too. Whether you’re in Queens or any other city, you want to improve your home’s curb appeal for neighbors, guests, and especially potential home purchasers, if you’re planning to sell your home.

Queens Homes Design

Check out these exterior design trends for Queens homes in 2022, then tell us how you plan to help your home make the best possible first impression.

1. Choose Sophisticated Neutral Paint Colors

Painting the exterior of your home is a big job, but it has to be done every once in a while, right? If it’s about that time for your home’s exterior, why not choose a new paint and trim combination that gives your home a sophisticated, elegant design profile? Dark grays paired with black or white trim, or other bolder colors with shade-on-shade variations to create interest in different planes of the home’s exterior can dramatically improve your home’s aesthetic.

2. Improved Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is so important to your home’s looks as well as to its safety. You want high traffic areas to be well lit without being subjected to blinding security-level spotlights. Freestanding lanterns in the yard can provide a traditional warmth. Explore subdued light fixtures that highlight the key focal points of your landscaping in an unobtrusive way. Choose polished and sophisticated sconces by the door for safety and beauty.

3. Exquisite Outside Living Areas

Outdoor living areas, kitchens, and conversational settings are becoming increasingly popular. Maybe it’s the pandemic, but we all seem to want to spend more time outdoors these days. Use your exteriors to create elegant or casual dining areas. Build out your barbecue space with a permanent grilling center, a sink, prep area, and bar. Or create a cozy conversational sitting space surrounding a fire pit for long chats with friends deep into the summer nights.

4. Revitalized Walkways

Have you taken a long, close look at your walkway recently? Many homeowners never do. Yet that walkway is so important to your home’s curb appeal. It can also create a real risk of injury for unwary visitors who aren’t familiar with your home’s exterior layout. If your walkway could use an upgrade, why not take advantage of the opportunity and make it beautiful as well as functional? Use stones and pavers or other modern materials to create the perfect (and safer) path to your front door. Add creative lighting to make sure everyone has a well-lit path to tread!

5. Textural Accents

No matter what your home’s exterior is made of, you can add some visually interesting accents through the use of other materials. Take advantage of smaller discrete surfaces around your home’s windows, doors, upper floors, attic, porch, or stoop area by adding new siding, brick, stone, or wood surfacing. Adding varied surfacing through siding or other materials like this is a great and relatively inexpensive way to create more aesthetic dimensionality and interest in your home’s exterior and can grab the attention of potential home buyers as well.

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