Packing Wisdom: A Guide to Effortless Moving

Packing your things and moving them to a new home doesn’t need to be laborious and difficult. With the right tips from the pros, you can make packing easier and effortless. Some of the pro tips you can use are:

1. Seek Help

Nothing is as great as asking for help from a friend. You just ask politely, and you get a few family members or friends helping you out with storage and moving tasks. Your family and friends will help you get everything done quickly and keep you entertained through jokes and stories.

If your friends can’t make it, you may still seek help from movers in companies like Herlihy Moving. Movers not only handle packing but also heavy lifting, making your move more stress-free.

2. Pack Smartly to Save Space

Be careful of the way you pack your clothes. Rolling clothes rather than folding them will save you enough space. Consider mixing and matching your clothes to reduce the amount of things to move.

In addition, use one or two compression bags for items such as jackets. This way, you will minimize the amount of space jackets take up in your bags.

3. Do Away with Unnecessary Belongings

Moving presents a perfect opportunity to downsize your things. Decluttering also gives you a chance to sort your items by keeping what you need and donating or selling what you no longer want.

Decluttering comes with a lot of benefits. The less you pack, the less you spend. Plus, you will be able to start life afresh in a new home with new stuff.

4. Get Packing Supplies

Start looking for packing supplies early so you can give yourself more time to find affordable and accessible materials. Hunt around the local scenes, including retail businesses and recycling centers.

You can also source second-hand packing supplies at a small fee, but tread cautiously, as some boxes might have structural issues.

If your budget allows, go for new boxes. They might be heavy on your pocket, but they act like guardians of your things, giving you protection against the unpredictability of your moving journey.

5. Have a Solid Plan for Perishable and Hazardous Items

Do you know that moving companies can’t move certain items? Perfect examples include perishable foods, aerosol cans, and flammable liquids. Some companies also refuse to move pets and plants.

So, when hiring movers, ask about the list of things they don’t move. Dispose of those items carefully. Familiarize yourself with the local laws regarding how to do away with hazardous items.

6. Disassemble Furniture and Lamps

If you have furniture and lamps that you can dismantle, disassemble them before moving them. This will ensure your furniture and lamps are kept safe. Those items must be easy to disassemble and save space in removal vehicles, too.

Final Touches

The right packing and preparation techniques can make the entire transition more seamless and smoother. Ensure you start planning early, declutter, and sort all your things before you pack. This way, you will pack and move less, saving you the costs of moving a lot of things.

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