The Best Moving Tips and Checklist

Moving a house without any stress or sweat on your part seems to be a dream but actually, the moving process can be less of a chore if you break down.If you know you’re moving a few weeks prior then it becomes an easy task to achieve. Déménagement

When you’re moving is confirmed and still there is time, then start weekly planning. Here is what to do:

Moving Tips

Hiring the moving company:

You must hire the best moving company to get the desired help. For this, you must:

Start getting recommendations from your family members, friends and colleagues for logistics and moving companies.

Know your rights and responsibilities as a customer of a moving company.

Get your things insured and ask your prospective moving companies what all is included in insurance and also check your homeowners’ policy to see what it covers.

Research all the banks, schools, and doctors in your new area of residence.

Get written estimates from at least three licensed moving companies and call an estimator to come to do an inventory.

Make a folder and keep all the documents and estimates related to your moving and also make a list of all the contacts that will be needed.

Compare the estimates and select cheap moving companies for further interaction.


You must also start packing in advance. To make sure you do not miss any item back at home, you must:

Begin packing items that aren’t used frequently including seasonal items, rarely used gadgets, and items stored in the attic or basement are better to start with.

Start collecting moving supplies including boxes, packing material, tape, labels, and box cutters. You must always keep in mind that you will need some specialty items like dish boxes, wardrobe boxes, mattress bags, etc. and if your mover is not supplying them, order them beforehand. You can even borrow boxes from your close family, friends and colleagues.

Make a packing schedule for every room.


There is a lot of miscellaneous work that you must attend to before moving. This includes:

Contact your children’s current and future school to transfer school records and make plans for a smooth transition.

Make address changes on all relevant accounts in your list of businesses and services.

Cancel all home services including newspaper home delivery, TV cable connections and gas connections and set up delivery in your new neighborhood.

After reaching the new place:

You must stay organized once you have reached your new address.

Update your new address to your friends and family members and inform them that you’re moving. You can also send them your new address on social media or send a moving announcement through email.

These are some of the things that are included in the weekly move planner. Make sure you tick against each checkbox and enjoy a well-planned move to your new home.


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