Office Trends to Look Out For In 2023

There are several factors that impact the progress and evolvement of the typical modern office in Sacramento. Some of these are related to external factors, such as the economy or global pandemics, while other factors may come from gradual changes in society, such as more women going to work or new industries being created. Regardless of the reasons for changes in office and workspace design, many businesses like to stay abreast of current and upcoming trends.

Office Trends to Look Out For In 2023

Here are some of the office trends to look out for during 2023.

Homely Workplaces

Driven by an increased focus on well-being and the increasingly popular hybrid working styles, people shouldn’t be surprised to see more homely workspaces in 2023. This could include more things like comfortable office furniture and smaller spaces for people to huddle and have an informal chat together. Managers may put more emphasis on creating spaces for people to connect, such as more inviting kitchen spaces or a more comfortable workspace design. This has resulted partly from the effects of the pandemic, and in many workplaces, there are colleagues who have still not met each other in person. Therefore, companies may seek to implement changes to the office that will help to reconnect colleagues and bring opportunities to connect with new colleagues in a meaningful way. While many employees still want to maintain a distinction between their work and home lives, 2023 is likely to see more workplaces being given a more homely twist.

Private Spaces

While collaboration is important, we may see a shift away from the previous focus on open-plan office spaces in 2023 in favor of hybrid spaces that include a quieter environment too. This is also an acknowledgment that individuals like to work in different ways and can bring different levels of productivity depending on their surroundings. Many employees who worked from home for a long period of time during the pandemic may still be adjusting to life back in the office. Not everyone enjoys spending their whole working day listening to the background noise from the rest of the office. This means employers may start to think more about creating private spaces alongside those where people can work together. Private spaces allow people to participate comfortably in video calls and Zoom meetings that are difficult to engage in when you’re surrounded by colleagues. They can offer a quiet and private space for employees working on projects or trying to meet important deadlines.

Flexible Offices

Businesses are moving away from spending significant resources on office furniture or a specific workspace design in favor of adopting a more flexible office space. This means we are likely to see more flexible designs and layouts in the workplace, and a static workspace design might be switched to a design that is more adaptable. For example, you may see more meeting rooms that can be scaled up or down depending on requirements, with partitions used for smaller meetings or removed for larger groups. Technology will be utilized even further, and office furniture may be chosen depending on its flexibility to be moved from one part of the office to another. Many employers had to make rapid changes in the wake of the pandemic and now prefer to keep their office space more flexible in anticipation of potential changes.

What Could Your Office Look Like in 2023?

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