How Long Should It Take To Move?

Moving to a new home is not just expensive and difficult. It is also risky and time-consuming. But regardless of how badly you want to move to a new home, you can’t just wake up and leave.

Long Should It Take To Move

You need a good plan for the entire process and make a lot of preparations as the D day approaches. So how much it will take to move will depend on the following:

1.  Selling and Buying Timetables

There are two main aspects of closing, which most movers have to deal with. These include selling your current home and buying a new house. The timelines for this need to overlap in a way. But you can close on your current home weeks or days before the actual sale goes through on the new houses.

Roughly staging the existing home may take one or two weeks, valuing and listing it can take one week, and viewing may take around three weeks. In general, the whole process may take around ten weeks.

2. Mortgage

Having a mortgage approved can take between 15 and 35 days, considering that you have chosen your preferred mortgage provider before the process starts.

To have your mortgage approved, you will need to ensure that you have all the important documents, like bank statements and payslips. This helps prevent delays and even gives you a chance to have your mortgage approved.

3. Paperwork

You will have to get some paperwork in order. You may require school records so as to take your kids to a new school. Other things you may need to take care of include pet records, medical records, and driver’s license, just to name a few.

Don’t also forget to change your address with transferring utilities and USPS. Consider giving yourself one month to handle all these.

4. Unpacking

The amount of time it takes to unpack your home or apartment depends on the number of boxes you have and, of course, how ready your house is.

Professional unpackers at firms such as Arrow Moving  & Storage Co may unpack an average of around five boxes within one hour. Fragile things, like dinnerware, may take longer to unpack since they will need to be unwrapped from bubble wrap or packing paper.

5. Moving Day

The time you will spend moving depends on the amount of things you want to move. There are several other aspects, like whether or not you should enlist the services of a professional mover.

Most professional movers are efficient as far as unloading and loading are concerned. The amount of belongings you need to move and how far a mover should carry your things all factor into loading timelines. In general, three movers may load a 24-foot truck in five hours.

In a Nutshell!

On average, expect to move to a new house within two weeks. But the fact remains that this depends on the transfer of ownership and buying process. As with everything, unexpected issues may happen, pushing the date of your move back. This is why it’s crucial to plan things ahead, be organized, and talk to different tradespeople, such as removal companies.

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