LED Downlights Add Style & Value To Your Home

For most people, owning a home means having more than a place to live and sleep. Homeownership can also be a show of wealth and personality. According to a survey by the Federal Reserve Board, an average American homeowner’s net worth is between $160000 and $220000.

Unfortunately, most homeowners think that they need to spend money to upgrade and improve the value of their property. Little do they know that a seamless downlight installation that leaves no imperfections can also enhance their house’s appearance. So, as you enhance your bathrooms and kitchens with the latest styles and countertops, you need to think about lighting.

Here are some ways LED downlights can add style and value to your home:

1. They Add Elegance

You can replace dim and dull room lights with eye-catching LED downlights. The beauty of these lights is that they can be installed in chandeliers to add an elegant and unique touch to a room. You can’t run out of options to select from because there are numerous designs on the market. Most of these designs are also affordable and can easily fit within your budget.

You don’t have to restrict LED lights to dining rooms and living rooms. You can use them to add ambiance to your master bedrooms as well.

2. Beautifying Bathrooms

Overhead lights in your bathroom are a good option. However, replacing them with wall-mounted LED lights may add value and warmth to your bathroom. You need lights that don’t create side shadows around your mirror. LED lights are smaller and can make small spaces feel larger and warmer.

3. They Add Value To The Kitchen

When upgrading the kitchen, it’s the cabinets, flooring, and countertops that receive all the attention. But without adequate lighting, your kitchen may not look as elegant as it should be.

Kitchens are workspaces, and single overhead lights may not offer the required illumination. In fact, they may make it difficult for you to locate spices that you keep in the corners.

A good kitchen should have three categories of lighting: task lighting to help you perform detailed tasks, general lighting for illuminating the room, and accent lighting for illuminating cabinets and setting the right mood.

LED downlights can be used in all these categories. However, you may require dimmer lights in some areas and brighter ones to maximize lighting efficiency.

4. Brightening Exteriors

Installing exterior lights can improve the value and cab appeal of your home. However, this requires a comprehensive electrical plan. When you drive through your neighborhood at dawn or night, the chances are that the homes you notice are those which are well lit.

Exterior lighting should highlight structures like fences, swimming pools, fire pits, and pathways. If you have decks, patios, and other outdoor living spaces, your lighting should accentuate them. The good news is that LED lights can help you accomplish all these goals and make your home look attractive at night.

The Bottom Line

Lighting can make a room seem smaller or larger. It may also boost its color or enhance its functionality. Using LED downlights can give a sense of luxury to every bathroom renovation and boost your home’s impression.

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