Know these 7 elements of interior design and architect to add grace to life!


interior designWhy does this Mother Nature make us awe every time with its beauty? Why do we swoon in bliss every time we see that soothing Scandinavian landscape? You might not be able to think of an answer for now, but there is one. Nature serves us order in chaos. From colors to geometry, everything weaves our brain in a sort of trance. We might think of nature as noise and chaos, something very wild, but it is not. And this is why we try bringing these hidden patterns into our lives. Look at the Best Luxury Architects, Builders & Interior Designers in India and you might see it happening.

These artists of a sort see architecture and interior designing as something containing life in itself. And thus they treat it with sheer reverence. They focus on different aspects of a home to invigorate it with grace. When we look at interior designing, there are considered to be 7 elements of it that these artists focus upon. Here we lay these before you.

7 elements of interior design and architecture.

Colors are divine!

No wonder you at some time had thought of what color to put in those feathers of that bird back then! We all see it around and think about it. Our minds get stimulated by these colors for every bit of a second until we lull down to sleep. No wonder they dearly hold a part in our lives.

When it comes to interior designing, colors come prime. Interior designers contemplate for hours about what color to tint the walls with to get a certain impact — to put the pastels or the pops! to put the contrast or compliment! You might never have seen too much of variation in the home of artists for the sake of staying focused.

These sorts of needs do demand different palettes of paints to be selected. Know that color looks different under different light conditions.

Let there be Light!

And there was light. And God saw the light, and it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness. All to hail to God that we have this wonderful thing with us. And all hail to technology that we now have lights of different colors.

The color of light impacts our emotions. This is why you see a specific color of light in clubs, concert halls, cafes, libraries, etc. The best Luxury Architects, Builders & Interior Designers in India choose lights with utmost care. The psychology of colors gets used a lot. Light and Colors interact with each other and thus it is best to decide about them wisely, which can only come after a certain level of knowledge.

Another aspect of it is using the natural light we have. Architects and Interior Designers make use of natural light in a creative way.

We humans look for Patterns!

This is a proven fact. We get stimulated by tons of data every second. It stores what it considers necessary for survival and then starts to look for patterns. Patterns make us feel at home. We do not feel lost. However, one must walk with caution. Too much of visible patterns can make one feel trapped. Also, patterns are not just about geometry. We can use patterns on the rest of these elements of interior design. For example, we can create a pattern in light, in shape, in space, etc.

Space is freedom!

A wise human always uses space to enliven the world. Too much space and it might bore you down; too little space and you might feel threatened. This is why architects use space to create an enchanting effect of its own kind.

Space could be the distance between your furniture, rugs, textures etc., or it could be the height of these things. It also helps in navigation. Sometimes we ignore this element and navigation becomes troublesome. This leads to injuries often.

There is no set formula of using it to perfection, but a balance gets always sought. Convey your needs to your architects and interior designers and see who satiates you to perfection.

Lines lead us!

Either there are lines, or there are curves, and in between these two wander our emotions. Look at any of these most beautiful buildings in the world, and you’ll see geometry getting used wisely. Also, take composition in photography, and you’ll see the use of lines and curves in the golden ratio and Fibonacci spiral. However, using lines wrongly can lead to a sense of abandonment.

You might use horizontal and vertical lines to create a sense of stability, space, or splendor. For example, you might have seen how striped clothes can make one seem taller, shorter, or fatter. Additionally, if you have any schizophrenic, paranoid, or anybody with seizures, use lines wisely. The best Luxury Architects, Builders & Interior Designers in India will be known to these dangers and work accordingly to help you with their wisdom.

Focus on the Form!

It is simply the shape of anything that is there. In other words, the general look and feel of the room is form. A good form can make you feel free and at home, whereas a bad form can push you to go astray. The form of objects could either create a sense of harmony or a sense of confusion.

Then comes the form in lines used, the texture used, and the space used. For example, look here how interior designers use form wisely ( It is a small idea about how things work. There is no one answer to what form should be like, but we all for sure yearn for a sense of satisfaction at last.

This texture looks fascinating!

Any surface anywhere will have a texture to it. For example, the wall could look glossy, the sofa could look smooth and easy, or something could be coarse. It is the feel of an object when you touch it or simply see it. Texture is a very personal choice. You might want your sofa to be of coarse leather, or that wall to be rustic. The rug could have its texture. It is all about choice. But you would want to make sure that it does not create a sense of disharmony in the surrounding.

Always talk to your interior designer and listen well about how things work and might look later on. You might imagine something and desire it, but it might not always look good.

How can you use these different dynamics of interior design?

Although you might have some knowledge as for now, it could always fall useless when deciding at a large level. If you have a room alone to shape, you can use this knowledge. But if you have a whole home, consider going for an interior designer. It is like you can write a chapter with ease, but a whole novel demands wisdom about how storytelling works. Consider the best Luxury Architects, Builders & Interior Designers in India. Look for what they offer and how they work. Check this company for an idea —

Know that a well-shaped home can nourish your mind like some soothing melody, whereas a badly shaped home can create noise within you.

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