Australian Home Renovation Trends

The current trend in home renovation is to create a unique, stylish, and sustainable space. Many Australians are looking for ways to update their homes with a focus on creating an eco-friendly space that also looks great.

Home Renovation

Eco-friendly materials such as bamboo flooring, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and energy-efficient lighting are becoming more widely used. Where possible, re-using old materials in new ways is also popular. Many Australians are incorporating upcycled furniture and décor pieces into their renovations sourced from secondhand stores or recycled materials.

Regarding color schemes, neutrals are still a safe option, but vibrant colors are gaining popularity too. Bold color statements are becoming more accepted regarding feature walls, statement furniture, and splashbacks.

Below find a more detailed explanation of Australian home renovation trends:

1- Timber window installation

Timber window installation adds a unique and stylish look to any home and provides additional insulation and energy efficiency.

The secret is working with a timber window company in Melbourne, and the company will be able to:

  • Advise you on the best timber suitable for your home and climate: This information is important as the wrong type of timber can be easily damaged by the elements.
  • Help you choose the best window style for your home: There are many styles to choose from – such as casement, awning, sliding, and double-hung windows.
  • Provide advice on window maintenance: This will help keep your timber windows looking beautiful for years to come.

2- LED lighting

LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular due to its energy efficiency and environmentally friendly benefits. LED lights last longer than traditional light bulbs, use up to 80% less energy, and produce a much cooler temperature during operation.

3- Natural stone and tile accents

Using natural stone or tiles to accentuate certain areas of your home is becoming increasingly popular as it adds texture, character, and style. These materials can be used in many ways and offer various color options, from bathrooms to kitchens.

4- Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials have become essential to many home renovations. Australians are increasingly becoming aware of the environmental effects of construction, so using recycled or recyclable materials is becoming more common. From bamboo flooring to eco-friendly paint, a wide range of options is available for those looking to renovate sustainably.

5- Statement pieces

Statement pieces such as artwork, furniture, and rugs are becoming increasingly popular among home renovators. They can help add color, texture, and personality to a space, allowing homeowners to create unique designs.

6- Smart technology

Smart technology has become a must-have for many Australian home renovations, offering convenience and energy savings. The possibilities for integrating smart tech into your renovation are endless, from automated lighting systems to voice-activated appliances. More technology is found in automation and control systems, allowing people to easily customize their homes’ lighting, temperature, and security. 

7- Feature walls

Feature walls are a great way to add interest and personality to any space. Many options are available for those looking to create a unique feature wall in their home, from textured wallpaper to painted murals.

By keeping up with current Australian trends in home renovation, you can ensure your renovation is both stylish and sustainable.

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