Kitchen Sinks For Small Kitchens

Choosing between kitchen sinks when you have a small kitchen can be a real challenge. With this being said, it is certainly not impossible to find a high quality, great looking and practical sink that slots perfectly into this kind of kitchen space.

Small Kitchen Sinks

The key to adding anything into a small space is considering how it will combine with other features in order to maximize the space that you have.

In order to do that, we have some tips on how you can purchase the finest looking sink for your kitchen.

Undermount Sinks

An undermount sink slots into a hole that has been created in the work surface and it is by far the smartest option for those with smaller kitchens. When it comes to making small spaces larger it is so often about perception of extra space, that is what this sink type can deliver. An undermount sink offers a sleek and minimal appearance that is ideal for a little kitchen.

Single Bowl

The reality here is that anything larger than a single bowl sink is going to take up too much space. This will naturally affect how you are going to use the sink, but in terms of maximizing space it is the only option. Depending on just how small the kitchen is you may be able to get away with a single bowl with a drying tray. Any ideals you may have around a double bowl sink, will sadly have to be shelved for now.

Sink Shape

It is not only the size of the sink that you select that is going to make a difference here, but also the shape that you choose. For example if you are super tight on space then a circular or oval sink can provide more space than a rectangular sink.


When we talk about creating the illusion of more space in the kitchen, it is the color of the sink that will be able to help you do that. In most cases the illusion of space is created by the way in that we can play with light and dark, but this isn’t the case with the sink. What we are looking for here is a sink option that fits seamlessly into the design of the kitchen, almost so that it isn’t noticeable. A chic black kitchen, for example, is perfectly complemented with dark stainless steel sinks.. Conversely if you have a bright and traditional cream kitchen, porcelain is a good option for such a theme.

Custom Made Sinks

If you have a particularly awkward space in the kitchen where the sink must go, consider shelling out a little extra and buy a custom made sink. Remember that some sink materials are more flexible than others. If for example you are looking into ceramic sinks, it may be that these cannot be tailor-made . Custom sinks will fit perfectly into the space and ensure that the shape of the sink is ideal for that awkward space. Custom made sinks also give you a wide range of choice when it comes to colors and materials, so that you are able to make the perfect choice for the space that you have available.

Housing a sink in a small kitchen may be tough, but it is possible.

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