Why Granite Slab Countertops Are Popular

Granite countertops will remain among the preferred option for most kitchens globally. Unlike other kinds of countertop surfaces, granite countertops are beautiful and unique.

For a lot of reasons, it is simple to know why granite is popular even after being used for many years. Some of these reasons include:

Granite Slab Countertops Are Popular

1. Natural Beauty

Especially granite slabs in SLC are unique and have their own appeal and beauty. You can find them in different color variations, ranging from calmer uses of gray, black, and white to warmer earth tones and more vibrant shades of yellow, green, blue, or red.

Some granite slabs also have dramatic veining, which commands attention and catches the eye, whereas others include veining that is more subtle and subdued.

2. Easy Maintenance

Because of their durability, countertops made of granite are very simple to maintain. As a matter of fact, provided you have them professionally sealed during installation, all you may need is to keepyour countertops looking pristine to maintain their cleanliness.

Sealing your countertops professionally may help prevent the growth of bacteria, scratching, and straining, allowing granite countertops to be maintenance-free.

All you will need to do is wipe out spilled food or crumbs and clean your counters using a mild detergent, soap, or a cleaning product specialized for cleaning granite. With this, you will be able to keep your countertops clean.

3. Strength

One of the major reasons many homeowners prefer using granite for their countertops is durability and strength. Granite is one of the materials which last a lifetime.

While marble is unique when it comes to its visual appeal, its softness may create issues in a high-traffic application. This makes granite materials an all-round option for every space you decide to install.

Because granite is strong, it is suitable for every application in a home. Outdoor living areas, bathroom vanity tops, and a big kitchen can all pair with granite.

4. More Supply

Granite as a stone has been an Italian export historically. In 1996, the granite importation was at around 200,000 metric tons.

But as the demand for this material increases, many countries have started to get into the business of exporting granite. After all, granite covers more than 75% of the earth’s surface – meaning supply wasn’t an issue.

5. Can Add Value to a Home

If you want to improve the value of the general worth of your home, incorporating vanities and granite countertops in your kitchen, living space, and bathrooms, among other rooms, will likely increase the resale value of your home.

According to experts, more than 80% of home buyers are looking for homes with installed countertops in the kitchen. As a matter of fact, many are even willing to pay double so that they can book homes with granite countertops.

The Takeaway!

Countertops made of granite work great in the bathroom and kitchen. The key is to have your granite countertops installed by great and experienced professionals who can seal them properly. As long as you keep your granite countertops well-maintained, you will give them outstanding performance and beauty.

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