How to Get a Higher Property Appraisal

Possibly one of the most challenging aspects of selling your home is trying to get a better price for it in the market. With all other properties on sale, how do you compete? Sometimes homeowners settle for a lower offer to get things done. But do you know that with clever home staging techniques, you can get the price you want, even better than the market value?

Home Staging To Attract More Buyers

Home staging is all about reinventing any living space with the goal of attracting more attention. It enhances a home, focuses on the interesting points and hides minimal flaws so that a property can attract more buyers. It increases demand for your home, and of course, when there’s increased demand, there will undoubtedly be more offers for it.

How This Is Done

Staging a home is done by expert interior designers that create inspirational and high-quality designs. Interior designers will visit your home to find out what they can do to improve your property. They will keep in mind the overall design of your home and then create a new style that will attract your specific target market.

Interior designers understand that buyers are classified into different groups. They could be millennials looking to buy their first home to professional couples with their families. Designers base their plan on what they know about each group and try to create a living space that will enhance your home accordingly.

Staging may be done on any home or property. It can improve the appearance of a fully-furnished apartment, a semi-furnished unit or even a vacant property. Designs used for staging vary on the overall style of a home. From classic styles, country designs or modern, cozy styles, the possibilities are endless.

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Cost Of Home Staging

Possibly the next question you may have in mind is the cost of staging your home. Interior designers that stage homes can work with your current budget. Usually, they will use existing home furniture and accessories to minimize cost.

Staging is styling a property or enhancing its current style; seldom will designers change the structure of a home to stage the property. Therefore, there’s no additional cost of updating your home, improving your home’s architecture or damaging any existing structure as well.

Before staging is done to your property, designers will first consult their plans to you. Only after your approval will staging commence.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

According to stats gathered in 2016, staged properties attracted an average of $129,000 above reserve. Customers also experience a $39 return for every dollar that they spent on staging.

Therefore, it is clear that staging a property will guarantee an improved return of investment. Staging is the best decision that homeowners can do to get a higher property appraisal for their homes.

Final Thoughts

Affordable interior design services will be ready to help you sell your property fast with higher property appraisal using home staging services. Staging is very affordable and will guarantee increased demand for your home.

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