Growing Strawberries In A Raised Garden Bed

Are you in love with strawberries? Do you wish to have a supply of strawberries throughout the summer? Well, strawberries are available once in June, but they can be found in stores almost all year. However, these strawberries are completely tasteless, and you will not be able to experience the full flavor of strawberries by consuming them. So how exactly are you going to get a fresh supply of strawberries? The best way to get good-quality strawberries is to grow them by yourself. So, let us see how exactly you can grow strawberries in raised garden beds.

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Your strawberries should be planted around 12 to 15 inches apart so that the crown is level with the soil surface. During the first year, you should pluck off any flower so that the plant can develop to its full potential. From the second year onwards, you can start harvesting strawberries. The plants give out runners in different directions, the new plants. You should remove most runners so that your garden area does not get very congested.

Using Raised Garden Beds For Growing Strawberries

Raised garden beds are ideal for growing strawberries. These kinds of garden beds have really good drainage. The soil is also quite fluffy. Strawberries can’t tolerate weed competition, and raised garden beds will prevent the weeds from sneaking into the garden area. Strawberries grow well in soil with a lot of organic matter and a slightly acidic PH. You will easily be able to prepare the soil in your raised garden bed to provide such conditions to the plants. During planting, you need to add some manure, compost, and mulch, and your soil will be prepared.

To minimize disease in plants, you should avoid strawberry plants in areas where tomatoes, potatoes, or melons have recently grown. Strawberries are vulnerable to various pests and diseases like mildew, mold, etc. Hungry birds can also attack them. So, to keep your plants away from the birds, you can add a cover to your garden bed; this will preserve the core quantity and quality of the fruit. You can also use tall garden boxes for growing plants.

Maintaining Your Plants

Strawberry plants do not require a lot of maintenance. You will have to make sure that the plants have a regular supply of nutrients. You should also try to water the plants regularly so that the soil does not get too dry. You can also add the required amount of fertilizers to the soil regularly. This will keep your strawberry plants healthy, and you are also getting a good supply of strawberries during the summer.

This is how you can grow strawberries in your raised garden beds. For further queries regarding how you can purchase raised bed vegetable garden kits, you can connect with us.

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