How To Properly Take Care of Artificial Turf

Once you have had your artificial turf installed, you need to know how to properly take care of it. It is a simple process and much easier to maintain than real grass. Once you fully understand how to take care of it, it will become second nature to you.

Take Care of Artificial Turf

There are three basic components of maintaining your artificial turf. These are having a regular maintenance routine, cleaning up spills, and having long-term turf maintenance.

For your regular maintenance routine, you will need some tools to keep your artificial turf looking as good as possible. These tools include:

  • A leaf blower will be a great help as the leaves or other debris fall onto your lawn; you can use this to easily remove them.
  • A garden hose can stretch far enough so water can shower the whole lawn, ensuring that all grass fibers are being wetted down.
  • By connecting a nozzle and bottle to the end of your hose, you are able to combine equal amounts of water and white vinegar to disinfect the fake grass where your furbabies may have relieved themselves.
  • Sweeping the artificial turf with a firm-bristled push broom will bring matted fibers back to life and assist them in standing firm.
  • A plain garden rake can help stop the fake grass fibers from matting down.

Once you have collected all of these tools, you can set up a regular maintenance plan. Every week, take a couple of minutes to blow the lawn free of debris. Watering the lawn will ensure that any other debris is rinsed away.

If you see your pet urinating, simply rinse it off with water. Should there be solid matter, remove it, and then rinse too. Using the vinegar-water combination will help keep the lawn sanitized. This will keep your entire family safe if they go outside barefoot or like to lay in the grass.

You will also want to have a monthly maintenance plan to keep your artificial turf looking plush and green. After doing your weekly routine, add brushing the lawn with a firm push broom. This will allow the blades of the grass to stand up, especially in heavy traffic areas.  Be sure you never use a brush with steel bristles, as this can easily damage your artificial turf.

Let’s take a moment to chat about stains. If you notice anything has been spilled on your lawn, or you see a pet relieving themselves, you want to get it cleaned up as soon as possible.  There are things that can easily stain your turf, such as wine, dark-colored beverages, feces, and more. Remove the solids, and soak up as much liquid as possible. Feel free to use your water-vinegar solution. You can use a very mild detergent on your fake grass to help remove any stains.

If you are interested in having artificial turf installed, contact Artificial Turf Georgia in Simons Island, GA, today. They will take the time to answer all of your questions and show you how easy it is to take care of synthetic grass.

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