What do you know about Louis Philippe style furniture , and specifically, it’s sleigh beds? Let’s start at the beginning and frame, a little, the production of this furniture in the history of France. This type of furniture arose in the 19th century, during the reign of Louis Philippe I of France [1830-1848], when a wealthy bourgeois class began to emerge, with aristocratic aspirations, after the French Revolution. For this new social class, the most renowned ca sleigh bedsbinetmakers of the time (Claude-Amado Chenavard, Georges Alphonse Jacob and Alexander Louis Belling) began to create furniture pieces with simple but elegant lines.

Different types of classic Louis Philippe style sleigh beds

The incipient French bourgeoisie was concerned with comfort, having quality furniture and a house that reflected their economic status and social position. For them, they designed furniture with simple lines, rounded shapes and decorated with simple scrolls at the ends.


Desiring high-quality furniture that would last for many years and add a luxurious touch to their home, they used solid walnut, mahogany and rosewood woods. As you can see in the images that accompany this article, the furniture was almost straight and if it had some decoration it was in the shape of the legs, slightly curved.

Vintage sleigh bed – Made of mahogany wood

In the present case, we highlight the design and beauty of simplicity, embodied in the classic sleigh beds, very characteristic of this style. This type of bed was born as a sofa bed or daybed , individual and attached to the wall, with a mid-height backrest and two arms, reminiscent of the shapes of a sleigh or a harp due to their curved shapes. Over time.this early model evolved and was placed like a normal bed, with the headboard against the wall. In this way, the arms became the headboard and footboard of a bed with a bathtub. Likewise, it evolved from the single bed to the double bed; and thus the single ceiling became double, separated by the center.

Youth bedroom or guest room with single sleigh bed

The legs of the beds, as well as those of the furniture with drawers, which were once stylized and turned, became straight or at most in the shape of a flattened square. Likewise, depending on the model, Louis Philippe style sleigh beds have decorative scrolls in the upper curvature of the headboard and footboard, as well as at the base of the latter. Sometimes, directly, they are dispensed with and opted for simpler models with a Provençal trend, finished with ivory skates, slightly worn.

Louis Philippe inspired sleigh bed with Provençal airs

This type of classic beds were used both in double bedrooms, as well as in children’s and youth rooms. As is the case today, only the size was adapted and the number of panels was reduced to one. In addition, in the children’s beds the height of the bed was reduced, making it accessible and comfortable for the smallest of the house. The best thing about this style is that we see these beautiful beds and we realize that they are a classic that does not go out of style and that maintains its beauty with the passage of time. Louis Philippe style sleigh beds are still very topical!

Louis Philippe inspired sleigh beds in dark wood

For example, this totally white lacquered sleigh bed model is perfect for a contemporary-style bedroom .In it, we still see certain traces and inspiration in the classics, but it is completely updated furniture. By this, we mean that if you like Louis Philippe style sleigh beds, but your home is decorated with more modern furniture, you can also apply them. How? You just have to bet on straighter models, finished in smooth lacquers and in highly combinable tones such as white, ivory, gray or black. To give the final touch to your contemporary-style bedroom, influenced by Louis Philippe, you can place a classic armchair or a divan, lacquered in these tones and reupholstered with more modern fabrics, smooth or patterned, you decide!

Louis Philippe inspired sleigh bed in white

We do not want to dismiss this article, without first having talked about how to decorate an office, guest room or children’s or youth bedroom, with the Louis Philippe style sleigh beds from AmberMumbles . In our online furniture store, there are three models of compact bed / day bed, attached to the wall. These types of beds are perfect for a youth or children’s bedroom, and even for an invitation room because they take up little space and also, in most cases, they are trundle beds, with a hidden mattress in the lower drawer. We leave you with two models of trundle bed and a beautiful crib. We hope you like them!

Louis Philippe Briner Sofa Bed

Louis Philippe Briner sofa bed : this beautiful trundle bed doubles as a sofa and a double bed, making it the ideal piece of furniture to host visitors. This sofa bed has been designed and manufactured by the prestigious house of classic and contemporary furniture, ArtesMoble . A classic made of top quality walnut wood and available in various finishes.

Grommet Youth Trundle Bed

2.Grommet youth trundle bed : for its part, this beautiful bed for youth bedrooms is inspired by Louis Philippe style beds. Made of top quality pine wood. It has a pull-out drawer with a bed base, on which you can place a 90 cm x 180 cm mattress. To give it a personal touch, you can finish it all in wood, in white or combined in two colors.

Louis Philippe Salma Classic Crib

Classic Louis Philippe Salma Crib: This classic-style crib is made of solid walnut wood and is inspired by classic cribs and Louis Philippe-style children’s beds. In its lower part it has a drawer with wheels for storing clothes. Again, this beautiful crib is a design, manufactured by the ArtesMoble house. A highly decorated piece of furniture for lovers of classic furniture, elegance and traditional lines.

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