Owning a boat is quite a significant investment that you want to take good care of. The truth is a lot of boat owners do not have enough space on their property to store them during winter. Besides, leaving your boat out in the open makes it vulnerable to freezing temperatures and other environmental elements that can damage the vessel. So what do you do?


A boat storage facility is the only viable option, and it offers much-needed weather protection and safety. By evaluating the following factors, you can choose a suitable boat storage facility for your vessel.

Location and ease of access

While it may be easy to tow your boat behind your RV or truck, it is not something you want to do every other time you need to use your boat. Therefore it is best to find a boat storage facility near your home or where you use it often. You also have to assess how often you use the boat.

Consider using a boat storage facility near the lake or ocean where you often use your boat to reduce your travel time when dropping it off and picking it up. It is also advisable to find a storage facility that offers round-the-clock access to pick up your boat whenever you need it.

On-site security

Security is one of the key factors when evaluating boat storage. After using your hard-earned money to invest in a boat, you want to store it in a secure facility. You don’t want the boat of your dreams to get vandalized or stolen while in storage. Look for security amenities such as key-coded entry doors, video surveillance, security fencing, alarm systems, and gated access. That discourages any criminal activity that may put your boat at risk.

Storage unit conditions

Think about the type of storage available in different boat storage facilities to choose the best. For instance, if you want to keep your boat adequately protected from external weather elements, consider enclosed storage units in Boise. If you worry about freezing temperatures damaging your boat’s internal parts, look for a facility that provides climate-controlled storage units. Such accommodations are worth it in the long run because they extend the lifespan of your vessel.


What happens when your boat is stolen, vandalized, or suffers fire damage while in the storage facility? As earlier mentioned, a boat is a significant investment that you want to protect. Despite the security measures in the storage facility, choose an insured storage provider. If an accident occurs and something happens to your boat, the insurance can cover the costs.


Using a boat storage facility means you have to pay a storage fee monthly or annually, depending on your agreement with the provider. If you are on a tight budget, research extensively and compare quotes to find an affordable boat storage unit.


Take your time to evaluate the factors mentioned above to choose a suitable boat storage facility for your needs. Most importantly, prioritize safety and convenience.

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