How to Convert a Shed into Housing for Outside Cats

Cat owners may consider having an outdoor cat shed instead of having all the cats living inside the house. One of the most common reasons is when a family member is allergic to cat fur or when the number of cats increases to a point where you do not have enough room for them.

What’s more, some cats prefer the outdoor space probably because it offers them more freedom to explore than when they are confined inside the house. Whatever your reasons are, converting an outdoor shed into an appropriate space for your cats to live in is what matters. Below are exciting suggestions that can help you achieve this goal.

Install DIY Shelves

Some cats love to hide away in places where they are least disturbed. Installing shelves at different locations in the shed gives them room to jump and find a cozy space for themselves. These shelves offer excellent sleeping space for your cats, but they also come in handy whenever the cats want to play. Make sure to have different-sized shelves to accommodate all your cats.

Include Little Bed Hammocks

Cats have lazy days when all they want to do is relax and cozy up. Often, they like to do so in quiet secluded areas. Having a few hammocks in the private sections of the shed where the cats can relax whenever they want to spend moments outside the main house does the trick. Some cats may even find these excellent sleeping dens whenever they don’t want to be disturbed.

Use Straws to Create a Playing Ground

Wedding straws are generally inexpensive. These can be used to create a playground for your cats inside the shed. Use the straws to build a fort that your cats will enjoy playing in.

Use Storage Bins

Interestingly, storage bins can be a perfect solution when finding different ways to keep your cats busy. Use various storage bins to create tunnels that the cats can get in and out. Alternatively, you can use the same storage bins to create forts with multiple entries. You do not have to go out and get new bins when you can DIY them. The outdoor shed can be the best place for your cats to have a good time if you invest in doing such little things. You can convert a few of the large storage bins into cozy beds that your older cats will love. You can even add a few scratch posts if your cats are the adventurous types.

Consider Insulating the Shed

Cats love to feel warm and cozy and spend more time in an area that guarantees such comfort. If you encourage the cats to spend more time outdoors, consider insulating the shed. There are a few options for shed insulation in the market. Get one that is easy to install on your own and work on keeping all your cats warm and comfortable all winter long.

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