6 things to know when you are moving from a house to a condo

Transitioning from your own house to a condo can be overwhelming. You may worry about downsizing, lesser freedom of space, maintenance and many other factors that change with the transition.

Let me tell you that you need not downsize every time you move to a condo. Many two- and three-bedroom condos are almost as spacious as homes and come with many more amenities like gyms and spas, restaurants, and concierge services.

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6 things to know when you are moving from a house to a condo

Here are the perks of moving to a condo:

You don’t have to worry about the maintenance

Leaking roof, chipping wall paint, blocked drainage; you don’t have to worry about any of these. You are only responsible for maintaining your apartment. Rest everything is taken care of by your homeowner.

Know your neighbours

You get a community feel while living in a condo. There are many amenities that you share with your neighbours. You run into your neighbours many times during the day while using the gym, spa or pool. Pet owners quickly make friends with each other by going for a walk together. Children get to play in the community park and make great friends.

Reals estate platforms like Nobul and RE/MAX allow you to search for the best properties in your desired neighbourhood. You can take a virtual tour of your condo or house to examine the property and the locality before stepping out of your home.

Live with security

The homeowners make sure that the entry to your property is secure. They also have set policies and rules for using the amenities, party timings, pet areas etc. If any of your neighbours choose to be inconsiderate and behave inappropriately, the homeowner’s association handles such disciplinary issues.

Decreased utility bills

When moving into a condo, you can be happy as you will have decreased utility bills. Your condo may not be as spacious as your home.

You’re going to save on bills that were active in home life. For example, many condo buildings have both the water and the gas bill included in their maintenance fees.

Landscaping isn’t your responsibility

You were doing all the lawn mowing and landscaping on your own. When you move to a condo, it isn’t on your to-do list anymore. The home owners’ association includes it in the maintenance and free you up from the responsibility.

No unexpected costs

A freehold home is all the more likely to experience unexpected and costly breakdowns. The good news is that you can call your homeowner whenever you have a machinery breakdown or a maintenance issue. You pay for all of these unforeseen issues in advance. Hence don’t have to deal with the unexpected costs.
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