Good Move Is Always Your Best Choice Of British Home Buyers

The UK markets are always changing, and that can make it hard to sell your home in a way that makes the most sense to your budget. If you’re struggling to ensure that you get the best money out of a property that you need to move out of quickly, don’t look any further. Instead, work with a great cash buyer like Good Move. We’re some of the best British home buyers in the business, and we’re ready to help your home shine. Not convinced? Here are some of the biggest reasons to go with cash home buyers over the traditional home-selling market.

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Faster Than The Open Market

When you sell a home on the open market, it can take weeks or even months for your house to sell. The longer a house sits on the market, the less money it’s worth- which can cut into your profits drastically. If you need to sell your home quickly and pay off your mortgage, you’d be better off avoiding the open market. Really, it’s the root of all evils when selling. Buyers are mercurial and don’t always close on sales, and your home can remain unsold for years before anyone is interested. If it’s in bad shape or looks worn down, that can make a home even harder to sell. Really, the solution is easy– you simply need to sell with a great cash buyer like Good Move.

Don’t Trust an Estate Agent

Most people will say that you need an estate agent to sell your home. This simply isn’t true. Selling your home can be done through a myriad of different routes, and only one of them involves an estate agent’s help. They can help you figure out how to best sell your home, of course, but they will also overprice your home to collect a larger commission, and they’ll ask you to do all sorts of time-consuming, money-reducing things to make your house sell that have no real effect on the market. Don’t let an estate agent control your home sale- make it on your own terms with a great British cash-buyer service like Good Move.

Buying Your Home In As-Is Condition

Some homes just aren’t in market condition! Whether your home is beginning to show its age, whether it’s in need of repairs, or even if it’s just not what current homeowners are looking for, we can buy your home at no further expense to you. There’s no need to repair a home sold in as-is condition; instead, you simply work together with your cash buyer to find the solution that works for you. No matter what shape your home is in, no matter how it looks, no matter how old and worn-down it might be- at Good Move, we’re excited to help you sell your house in as-is condition, and we don’t want you to have to struggle with the repair process.

Don’t Let Lenders Rule Your Sale

When selling a home on the open market, all of your buyers will have mortgage lenders backing their sale. Don’t listen to that! Mortgage lenders are some of the biggest reasons why most home sales never go through, because they’re worried that your home isn’t worth spending money on. These fearful lenders are wrong, though- with the right amount of love and care, your home can look amazing again! And if you need to move quickly, there’s no one better to trust that rejuvenation to than a cash buyer like Good Move. Don’t let nervous mortgage lenders ruin your home sale- sell to a cash buyer for the best results.

The Perfect British Home Buyer For You

If you’re selling your home in the UK, there’s no reason for you to have to mess around with the open market. Instead, you can work with a great British cash buyer who knows exactly how to buy your home in the fastest and most painless way possible. It’s hard to sell your home amidst changing markets, irascible realtors, and difficult renovations, but when you work with a cash buyer, all of your headaches disappear. Don’t just make the right move– make a Good Move, and sell your home fast!

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