What Is the Difference Between Wall Decals & Wallpapers?

Painting is not the only way to give an enthralling look to the walls of your home and make them stand out. You can add depth to the walls of your house by using either a home wallpaper or a wall sticker design. Both wallpapers and wall decals have a similar form of application where they are pasted on the walls with the use of a certain type of glue.

Wall Decals & Wallpapers

However, the right selection between wallpaper and a wall decal can be made after looking into certain factors. There are certain differences between wallpaper and a wall decal that can be considered to make the right choice as per your needs. Both home wallpaper and wall sticker design are easier alternatives for designing your home walls conveniently.

Let’s take a look at certain differences between wallpapers and wall decals that will help you to make the right choice for your home design.

Permanent vs Temporary Design of Your Walls

Applying wallpaper can be considered as applying a paint colour to your walls as wallpaper lasts for 15 years. Once applied, wallpaper cannot be removed easily and frequently without affecting the quality of the wall. On the other hand, a wall decal lasts for 3-5 years which can be considered a temporary option to design your walls. Wall decals are the best option to design a rented place or make frequent design changes in your home.

Regularly cleaning your walls and ceilings maintains a fresh, inviting atmosphere and prevents the buildup of dirt and allergens. Whether you opt for DIY cleaning or professional services, investing in wall maintenance ensures a healthier and more appealing living space.

Ease of Application to the Walls

A wall decal is much easier to apply to your home walls compared to wallpaper. The process of applying a wall sticker design to your wall space is much simpler and a DIY approach is all you need to correctly apply it. Whereas, applying wallpaper requires skilled labour combined with the added requirement of effort and time. A wall decal covers only a certain part of the wall which requires less time and effort. On the other hand, wallpaper covers an entire wall area which requires more care and attention.

Quality of Walls After Removal

A wall decal can be easily and conveniently removed from the walls by following simple steps. Once a wall decal is removed properly, it does not leave any stains or damage to the wall in any way. The wall quality and appearance remain intact for applying another wall decal. Whereas removing a wallpaper requires expert assistance with an added amount of time and effort. The surface of the wall can become rough and stained after removing wallpaper due to which the wall can require replastering.

Cost Comparison Between a Wall Decal and a Wallpaper New Design

Designing your walls using various wall decals is an inexpensive option compared to a wallpaper new design. A wall decal covers only a certain part of the wall which requires less material which in turn reduces the cost of the material. The cost of labour can be avoided while applying a wall decal as it is fairly easy to apply on your own. On the other hand, wallpaper costs more as it covers the entire wall, and its application requires the help of skilled professionals.

The Option of Reusing

Wallpaper cannot be used again once it is applied to the wall and later removed from it. However, wall decals are designed in such a way that they can be reused after removing them carefully from the previous application. The position of wall decals can be easily changed on the walls whereas wallpaper will require proper planning for its application since it cannot be reused.

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