What Are The Signs Of Hidden Water Leakage?

Plumbing leakage may happen anytime and is extremely concerning. You may just start hearing the dripping sound overnight. It may seem like a minor issue to you. However, if not taking proper steps on time, it may cause more damage. Various reasons may cause plumbing leakage such as pipe corrosion, seal damage, drain clogs, changes in the temperature, high water pressure, blockage, etc.

Water Leakage

Water leakage not only causes damage to the property but also affects your health and wealth. Due to the plumbing leaks, bubbles start building on the floor. This damages the floor and makes it slippery. It also damages the walls. It leaves warped and stains on the walls. Water leakage causes more damage to the wooden walls. The ceiling, the furniture such as the sofa, bed, table, etc., and electronic appliances like televisions, refrigerators, etc. Everything is damaged due to water leakage. If delayed, you will end up spending more money and wasting more time.

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Sometimes, you cannot detect the hidden water leakage. However, some signs can help you know that there is a plumbing leakage in your house. Let us learn about those signs.

Signs of Hidden Water Leakage

1. Damp spots and moulds:

Identifying damp spots and moulds can be a bit difficult. However, you cannot fail to notice it when the room is smelly, the dark patches on the walls, and the paint starts to blob.

2. High water bills:

When you notice a sudden rise in the water bills with no change in the water usage, you need to ensure that there is undetected water leakage. That is when you need to contact a plumbing company for a plumber.

3. Damp patches on the lawn:

If you see wet patches on the lawn, which do not dry up even after hours, and bubbles start to appear, then it indicates that there is underground water leakage.

4. Dripping sound:

When the house is completely silent, you might hear a running water sound. Try to follow the sound and locate that area. This is the sign that the pipe is leaking.

You can try one last trick to detect the leakage if the above signs do not help. You need to turn off all the taps and plumbing appliances and check the water meter. If the number is still rising, it means there is water leakage.

When you find out about the leakage, you need to contact a professional leak detector immediately and fix the issue.

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