Top 3 Best Uses of Solar Batteries

If you’re at the time of your life where you now considered using solar-powered batteries, then you know that you’re on to something.

Some people might not get the concept of solar battery storages because they think it might be convenient for those who can’t afford it. But if you’re thinking long term, then you would realize that it actually helps you save a lot of money you spend on electricity bills.

However, with the lack of introduction to solar battery, people usually shy off from the benefits and the advantages they can get from it. Today, let’s answer the question “how does solar battery storages really work?” Let’s check this out below!

Knowing Solar Batteries

Basically, solar battery works as an energy battery— its ability to take and store energy generated by solar panels during the day and use it to power your home when you need it, most likely in the evening and overnight.

This concept is definitely a revolutionary step forward to a more efficient living, and eventually a non-electricity dependant. Except that you still using technology and not candles at night.

Apart from that, the biggest advantage of using such is the benefit and help it gives to the environment. You become an agent of change to nature by storing energy and make it more worth it for the world.

Top 3 Uses of Solar Power

People often disregard the actual use of a solar battery, or they never knew at all that it does and how it helps their life and of the whole community.

Here are the top 3 uses of solar power:

Solar transportation: Photo voltaic Energy

Basically, you don’t just use a solar battery at home but it’s also now being used to power cars and vehicle—the new form of fuel, it’s just that it’s no longer fuel anymore, but energy.

Today, railroads, subways, buses, cars, and even planes can be all powered by solar and solar transit’s becoming a popular offering in the renewable energy sector. Slowly, the world will no longer be running on fuel and releasing toxic gases anymore.

Wearable solar tech: Personal solar storage

Simply think of personal solar battery storage— just like a power bank. But the different touch to it is that it’s solar powered. It’s more personal storage you can wear or bring wherever you go and it’s even convenient for traveling.

A few top uses of this tech are:

  • Cell phone,
  • Wearables,
  • Music speakers,
  • Solar air conditioning,
  • Tablets,
  • Thermostats,
  • Solar dryers,
  • Solar visor radios,
  • Freezers/mini-fridges, and
  • Rechargeable flashlights.

Basically, the aim of this concept is to make use of a solar battery to reinvent the way we think about power usage. Eventually, this will reverse the expectation for how devices should be charged.

Solar Lighting

The most popular here is solar lighting which is popularly implemented in houses and is now being used in commercial buildings, hospitals, churches and even at schools. This is definitely different than traditional exterior lights; solar power lighting requires no complicated setup at all the lights is wireless and harness sunlight during the day to circumvent the need for electricity during the night.

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