Right Wick Size For Your Candles – What To Know and How To Choose?

A wick in a candle has a very important role to play, as a properly chosen wick is what will make a candle burn completely and also in a very clean manner. A properly chosen wick will make a candle burn for more than 2 hours and also with a puddle of not more than ½ inch deep and stretched not far from the actual circumference of the candle. It will also avoid the unnecessary addition of carbon particles into the surrounding. 

candle wicks

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Candle Side 

The difference of the melt pool-depth describes the speed with which a candle will be burnt. A properly placed wick will make a candle burn perfectly in perfect symmetry, whereas an abruptly placed wick inside a candle will make a candle burn very soon and also release carbon particles to the surroundings. 

Linen or Cotton Wicks 

When you look at the luxury candles, you will notice that the wicks inside the candle will be thinly braided ones and these wicks will make the candle burn slowly. Some of the materials such as linen and cotton will make an ideal material for the preparation of wicks, as they make sure that the candles are burnt very slowly. 

The braided wicks are designed with the right fibres to keep the woven design perfectly till they are introduced to the candles, during the candle preparation procedure. The wick will turn slightly as they start to burn, and this will even make them have the self-trimming factor. 

Wick Sizes 

The size of the wicks is decided based on the ECO number. The biggest wick will be of the size ECO 14, and the next one is ECO 10, and the smaller size next to that is of ECO 6. ECO 4 is the smallest wick that is available for candle makers. 

The size and aroma of the candles are decided with the LX factor and the right kind of wick to any candle will be decided on this size. The aromatic candles, unscented candles, design and dimension of the candle, etc., will plays a very important role in deciding the right kind of wick for a candle. 

You need to occasionally make sure that the wicks that you choose for your candle will be of the right size when you decide to change the dimension or even the design of your candles. The same goes for the changes in the wax variances as well. 

The burning intervals with which you want your candles to burn will decide the type of wick that works for your candle. You can understand more about the wicks and their measurements while making candles by visiting some of the exclusive websites. Go thoroughly and learn in detail about what you wish to know. 

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