Points to consider when preparing for metal roof installation

Are you excited about your upcoming roof installation project? Well, in no time you will be the owner of an amazingly long-lasting, beautiful metal roof that will protect your home for the next 50 years. But, no big project is successful without proper preparation. In order to prepare for metal roof installation, here is a checklist compiled by us:

Before the installation

Before the arrival of your contractor, make sure you do these things:

  • Clean the walkways and other locations of the job site for quick maneuvering.
  • Work trucks can be massive with heavy loads, so make sure all your personal vehicles are shifted to fit them.
  • No crew member will come without equipment. Hence, make space from before where they can leave their tools and personal belongings.
  • If you have plants surrounding your home, cover them with a tarp to avoid waste metal scraps from falling into them.
  • Make sure you inform your neighbors about the upcoming noisy metal installation.

During installation

When the team is busy installing your long-lasting metal roof, make sure:

  • Your pets have been brought inside the house.
  • Children are shifted to a safe area.
  • No loose items are seen in the house.
  • Trash cans are available for scraps.
  • Doors and windows are shut properly to avoid any dust entry in the home.

Good communication leads to successful and quick roof installation. Find out the expected work periods, no-go areas, which doors and windows remain to be shut down and other small details to support a smooth installation.

Tips for a successful installation

Selecting the right material

Choosing the right metal type for your home is subjective. Metal roofs are available in a variety of designs, materials and styles, each having its own pros and cons. You should get in touch with roofing suppliers Edmonton to know your options and find out which is better suited as per your location, climatic condition, and other points. Make sure you do proper research before making a decision.

Select an experienced team

Make sure your installation team is well-organized, experienced and skilled. Experience with metal outweighs the other roofing material experience. But, if the team knows their job well, there will be no failure. Make sure you do your due diligence before hiring them. Check the license, certification and insurance before signing the contract.

Keep all the features of installation in mind

Order the right length of panels to get rid of end laps.

Make sure the adjacent panels overlap at least 6-inches.

Use a reinforcing plate, sealant, and panel strap to overlap adjacent panels.

The seams should interlock but also leave space for expansion and contraction.

A higher roof slope is good for shedding water. Roof with lower slopes can cause water building and harm the integrity of your home.

A new metal roof is a major investment. Hence, it is important to ensure that the installation is done right for the first time. Follow these tips to get a perfectly installed, structurally sound, and beautiful metal. Contact us at AMT Metal roofing for consultancy now!

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