How To Fix Refrigerator Not Cooling Problems?

If your refrigerator is not cooling, here are given some of the important tips that you should follow for fixing that particular problem. In this regard, you will specifically need to opt for refrigerator repair services. 

What is the actual Problem?

Some of the time, our refrigerators fail to cool which requires proper identification. Successful identification of the problem is needed for effectively solving that particular problem. 

Here, you will get a step by step guide for proper identification and solving of the specific problem. Even if the repair needs professional help, you will be able to show them that problem, which ultimately helps to save your hard-earned money as well as time.

Required Tools

  • Cutter or wire stripper
  • Ratchet set or socket

Required Materials

  • Condenser fan or evaporator fan
  • Fridge Not Cooling

Possible Causes

There are many of the possible causes whenever the refrigerator fails to keep your ice cream frozen or mild cold. Before, opting for the complex repair procedures, you should first try on the below mentioned quick as well as simple fixes in case you come across this particular problem:

  • First of all, you should ensure that your refrigerator is plugged in as well as getting adequate power. There should be an appearance of light whenever you consider opening the door.
  • Another thing which you should do is to check the thermostat closely. This will ensure that it has not been turned down by any mistake. 

In case, the thermostat of your refrigerator is not working, you should opt for refrigerator repair who will fix this for you. They will install the thermostat which ensures that the refrigerator works effectively. 

  • The next thing that you need to ensure is that the vents present on the back portion of the freezer compartment are not blocked by any boxes of frozen vegetables or ice cream. So, you should keep the vents clear for the effective circulation of the cold air. 
  • Sometimes, you may see that the coils of your refrigerator become clogged. This can cause poor cooling. In this case, you should vacuum the coils behind or under the fridge. 
  • Another important thing which you need to check in this regard is that nothing is stuck in the condenser fan. It should always spin freely. You will notice that the models which contain coils on the back portion would not have a fan. 

So, to do this, you should focus on unplugging the fridge as well as pulling it out. Also, you should consider the proper cleaning of the fan blades as well as spin the particular fan with the help of a hand. 

This will help you to check whether something is stuck in the fan or not. You should again plug in the fridge to ensure that the fan runs efficiently with the running of the compressor. 

But, in case, you observe that the fan does not run, you should consider replacing it. 

Tips To Follow For Repairing The Refrigerator

Here, you will find some of the best refrigerator troubleshooting tips which will help to solve the problem, in the case; your refrigerator is not cooling. 

  • Also, you may hear that the compressor is running, but, the fridge is not efficiently cooling. In this case, the problem occurs in the frost clogged evaporator coils or a broken or stuck evaporator fan. 
  • Often, the evaporator fans chirp or squeal whenever they start going bad. You will get to know that, it is due to the evaporator fan that the noise gets louder whenever you consider opening the freezer door. 
  • The fan as well as the evaporator coils is mainly present behind a cover in the freezer compartment. 
  • In case, you remove the cover present inside the freezer as well as find the coils filled with frost, then, you should take everything out of the fridge and the freezer. 
  • Also, you should unplug it and let it rest for 24 to 48 hours. Doing this can sometimes solve the problem.


So, you will find in most of the cases, these problems arise due to defrost timer, defrost thermostat, or defrost heater. In this situation, you should call a refrigerator repair technician who will effectively solve the problem for you.

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