Everything you should know about Bathroom windows in Calgary

Replacing your bathroom windows may appear like an additional task to most homeowners replacing windows for the whole house. However, there are a few things you should know about bathroom Calgary windows and their installation.

Why are bathroom windows different from the rest of the house?

A major rival of both new and used windows is humidity. And in every home, bathrooms have the highest moisture and humidity levels in comparison to the rest of the house. Hence, it is important for the bathroom windows to offer proper airflow and prevent moisture from getting into the wall. It is important to prevent moisture from coming inside as well as outside.

Calgary windows

 It may be impossible to open your windows during winters in Calgary, so you just have to rely on the HVAC system to balance the moisture in your bathroom.

High quality window and well-functioning ventilation prevents condensation and icing of the windows and also avoid the growth of mold.

Bathroom window material

Though Calgary manufacturers specialize in vinyl windows, you still have debates about how efficiently it stands against wood and aluminum windows. While wood is not suitable for bathrooms, as it absorbs moisture and aluminum, is a conductor of energy, vinyl wins the competition here.

When you install vinyl windows in your bathroom, they should have vinyl casing around them. At the time of installation, trims in the bathrooms get sealed to avoid any water leakage through the casing into the wall.

Bathroom windows recommended for you

The next thing to decide here is whether your bathroom windows will be operable or not. While your ventilation may be sufficient, it is advisable to go for operable windows. It will help you in balancing the bathroom humidity naturally and also provide fresh air.

Once you have selected operable windows, you still have decisions to make when it comes to style. You can either go for crank or slider. Crank windows such as awnings or casements are efficient options. They come with a compression seal which makes the window airtight after it is closed. Slider and hung windows feature weather stripping around the opening part and may not be too efficient.

Do you need privacy glass for your windows in the bathroom?

Privacy is a major concern subjective to bathroom windows. Privacy glasses, tinted, textured is a simple solution for most windows. The only issue with privacy glass is that it is not available for oversized windows and once affixed, you don’t have the option to get a clear view.

If you are planning to install blinds in your bathroom windows, choose vinyl ones. Aluminum and fabric blinds aren’t recommended for bathrooms.

No matter you choose blinds or privacy glass, it depends on your window placement in the bathroom and your personal preference.

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