Different Kinds of Effective Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpets enhance the beauty of your rooms and give them a touch of completeness, without which the rooms look very ordinary. Various carpets are available that use different materials and therefore, care must be taken while cleaning them.

The different carpets in Buderim require diverse cleaning procedures and cleaning ingredients. What is best for one might prove to be harmful for the other.

Many times even the professional cleaning team fails to understand the Do’s and Dont’s and spoil the look of the carpet, reducing its life span. This will cause you a lot of expense and in many cases require replacement of your carpet.

To avoid such situations it is always advisable to know the special cleaning ways of carpets for their long life so that you get the perfect look for flooring in Buderim.

Use Shampoo for Cleaning:

This method of cleaning is the least effective method where, after the wash, the carpet will look clean and tidy, but doesn’t actually get cleaned up from inside. The shampoo will make your carpet look nice, bright and smell good, but for a deep cleaning this method will not be effective. The shampoo won’t reach the dirt settled down in the deep pads of the carpet.

Clean Using a Dry Cleaning Powder:

People prefer this method over wet cleaning as it does not require a longer time to dry the carpet. The dry powder cleanser is sprinkled all over the carpet and left for some time. The powder attracts the dirt which is then taken out using a vacuum cleaner. This makes the carpet look as good as new and many cleaning companies are using such powders or advanced cleansing techniques.

Clean Using Foam:

This method is a great combo of the above two methods. It uses a little of shampooing and then, the dry powder is used. At first, the carpet is made wet with some cleansing foam and water. The foam also has the quality of attracting dust just like the dry powder. Then some powder is also sprinkled. Then it is all washed off and clean dried with the vacuum cleaner.

This method should be used for tougher carpets.

 Clean Using Steam:

It is the most commonly and popularly used methods where lots of water is used to clean the carpet. It is also known as the “hot water extraction” technique where a machine is used to put hot water and the cleansing solution deep down the carpet and then, there is a heavy suction of the solution from the carpet to remove the dust.

But this does a lot of damage to the carpet, if not done correctly and is done frequently. And also, this method should never be used as a quick fix as the carpet remains wet for a very long time here.

The Bonnet Carpet Cleaning:

It is mostly used in offices that witness heavy traffic and cleaning the carpets just means superficial cleaning. Deep or thorough cleaning is not possible in such places. A chemical detergent is applied and a rotary machine with an absorbent pad is used to work across the carpet.

You need to suitable cleaning technique for your carpet after considering your specific requirement and working atmosphere.

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