A Simple Guide to The Fire Restoration Process

Fire restoration is the overall process of restoring a property to its original state before any damage occurs. It’s a part of disaster restoration processes, and this includes water damage restoration, and natural disaster restoration as well. 

The Fire Restoration Process

Unlike other things under the umbrella of disaster restoration, fire restoration can take a lot of time, as it takes a lot of expert knowledge and the right equipment to be done right, with a lot of steps involved in the process. 

Often, fire damage comes along with water damage, which has been caused by the extinguishment of the fire by the fire department, which can cause even more damage to the building. With all this in mind, you really should work with a highly recommended fire clean-up service to get the job done. 

Who Performs Fire Restoration Services?

The ideal would be to have a company that has good availability to be on hand mere hours after being notified of the fire. From here the restoration process can begin quickly and start on the right foot. 

Preferably, you will want to work with people who are certified Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians as they can help you with the right approach to fixing the damage and restoring the building to what it was. 

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How Do Professionals Fix Fire Damage?

This is a long process, but many professionals will have a variation of what’s outlined below. 

Damage Assessment

The first step is to assess the damage. The professionals will enter the property once cleared by firefighters, and this allows them to consult checklists to understand what has been damaged and the type of damage that has occurred.  They can also start putting together a plan to restore the home and advise what can be discarded and what can be saved. 

Secure the Property

The next step is to secure the property. This usually means installing fences and boarding up the property to keep it safe from unauthorized visitors and weather damage. The team will also seal parts of the home that are not damaged to reduce cross-contamination.

Preventing Further Damage

The company will prevent further damage by drying out the structure and preventing water damage caused by the firefighters. This step usually also involved any demolition and removals of flooring, ceilings and walls. 

Clean Up and Smoke Removal

The cleaning phase is a labour-intensive one. This is when the team starts cleaning up after the fire. They remove smoke and soot stains on the floors, ceilings, walls and surfaces. After the smoke is removed, deodorizers are used to remove smells that may occur and depending on the need, disinfection may occur to prevent mold and bacteria growth. 

Construction and Restoration

The final step is to usually rebuild as necessary. Even though the professionals will try to salvage what they can, if there’s too much damage, this must be done. This is also often the longest part of the process. 

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