A Guide to Apartment Cleaning for College Students

Students in college get associated with all night pizza parties, foggy eyes and wild activities. Just because they might not be fully evolved, when it comes to doing what’s best for their grades, mom and dad’s sanity, their finances and overall health, it doesn’t mean that all of young students have dirty habits. Some college kids are kind of gross though.

Regardless, college kids need to know the best strategies for apartment cleaning and home cleaning. College roommate situations often lead to some interesting dynamics. It’s especially the case when it comes to apartment cleaning and home cleaning.


Whether living along or in a roommate environment consider these five student cleaning tips.

1. Calendar It All Out

Make a calendar that has an allotted time for every chore that must get done. Don’t just write in the basics. Make sure deep cleanings and hard to notice areas get their attention. Be sure not to neglect air filters, baseboard and ceiling fans, when getting down to Gaga with the broom, mop or dish scrubber.

2. Clean As You Go

Your study group actually made a “B” on the class project. Dr. Smith is only planning to fail a third of the class this year! You and the team celebrate with pizza and football. Relieved that it will be more than 24 hours until you see Dr. Smith again, you just crash hard in delight. Before you go to bed at night, throw refuge and trash away. Wipe the sink basin after you brush your teeth. Wipe the toilet! That one will really impress mom if she pays a visit. Clean as you go. You will be happy that you did.

3. Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies

At the beginning of the semester you were thrilled that the taco joint has $2 tacos every day, not just Tuesday. “Woot! Woot!” But, you’re already tired of them, and you ate way too many $4 quesadillas last semester. Now that you are committed to cleaning, put your creative energy to use and save money making your own cleaning supplies. Save time on that next lab project, and use them then too! For example, combine baking soda and water. It cleans and deodorizes. You can also put that baking soda as a standalone permanent fixture in your refrigerator. Leftovers will last longer.

4. Hire A Professional Cleaner

They may not be brave enough, but you can try employ a professional cleaning service. These companies are especially good for those deep cleans that seem to go forgotten. On top of that, they are insured too!

5. Organize. Re-organize. Organize Again

If it is out of place, put it back in its place or get rid of it. Failure to organize, especially the kitchen, is one of the most important student cleaning tips that we can give you. By addressing lack or order now, you prepare yourself to not only do better in college, but upon entrance into the professional world.

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