7 Inexpensive Decoration Tips to Make Your Home Look Fancy

After finding a safe and comfortable home, the next step is to make a home that is a delight to stay in. That means creating a beautiful home. 

Home Look Fancy

It often means sacrificing quite a bit of dough, which not many of us can do. Luckily, you do not have to do the same things a mansion owner does. 

A bit of ingenuity can go a long way, like how these seven budget-friendly decoration tips are.

1. Install crown molding

A simple decorative touch that you can add throughout every part of your house is crown molding. Crown molding is a classic part of a home, and at this point, you can consider it traditional, but it’s a classic for a reason. 

Even if you have relatively bare walls and have no decor around, the crown molding’s simple addition will be excellent in adding that elegant touch. The great thing about crown molding is that it doesn’t have to be an exquisite handicraft to work for your house. 

A simple design is all you need to get your crown molding effect by adding that elegant touch. Also, it isn’t even that expensive to pull off, even when you do it all over your house. Therefore, it’s pretty achievable for you.

2. Hang your mirrors

Mirrors are more than a part of your house to help you show your reflection and make you look good. However, mirrors can also be an excellent and creative way of beautifying your home in a classy and straightforward method. 

There are plenty of decorative mirrors that can serve as a centerpiece inside a room, depending on your style. You don’t even need to get costly mirrors to get that artsy effect. Inexpensive mirrors do an excellent job in beautifying your space, but it doesn’t only do it through its design. 

Mirrors are also great for reflecting light all over a room. If you have strategic placement of a mirror in front of a natural light source, you’ll be able to spread that natural light around the room more. It will make that space look brighter and more prominent.

3. Repaint your walls

An affordable way to change a room’s look is by repainting the walls. Changing your wall’s color can make your room look more elegant than before without changing anything else. That’s why choosing what your walls should look like is a hard decision to make. 

Any color from dark olive to blush pink can add a level of elegance to your house. However, you don’t only have to resort to painting to change the way your walls look.

Concrete Wall

You can use grey paint and a lint-free cloth to create a concrete-looking wall. You have to buff away to achieve that look and add more of a texture inside your house. It will add something that won’t make all of the room’s walls look the same.

DIY Wallpaper

If you want, you can also get the wallpaper to decorate your walls. Some people have created wallpaper by hand by creating a stencil to form a pattern custom to their homes. 

For the avid DIY-er, this method might be of interest. Plus, it can be cheaper to do this yourself, although it requires more effort.

4. Adjust the lighting

At Maid Sailors Home Cleaning Services NYC, we tell clients that proper lighting can make a home look from shabby to chic all in a few moments. That’s why it’s crucial to find just the right lighting fixture for the betterment of your home. 

It can both make your house look better aesthetically while adding the utility of brightening your home. It also doesn’t only come down to your lighting fixture. A great lighting fixture doesn’t just come down to the design of the lighting. It will help if you position your lighting strategically to get the best out of your lighting. 

Keep in mind that how you position your lighting can be an affordable way to make your house look fancier, especially when you can’t find a great design.

5. Add some woodwork

Adding touches of the woodwork around the house can add that custom element to your home without spending a hefty sum. 

Even with a limited budget, woodwork decoration is something simple to add a texture and another element to an otherwise bland or basic room. 

Woodwork can even have a practical use but will also serve as decor. For example, you can get custom wooden shelves that are great for adding another element on the walls while also being used to store items.

6. Make a wall gallery

A wall gallery is another inexpensive way to add an artistic touch to your walls at home. However, there is a balance that you must strike when making a wall gallery. 

You want to make sure that you don’t make it look cluttered and messy. It could end up looking like visual noise on your walls if you’re not careful. 

The key to a wall gallery that doesn’t look messy is intention. 

You have to be deliberate with everything, from the frames to the art. You can have different themes in the art and different frames, but the thing that will tie it all together would be your spacing. 

Even if you have frames of all shapes and sizes, you want to make sure there’s a uniform breathing room between each frame. That way, it doesn’t look messy, and it would look sophisticated instead.

7. Go minimalist

If messes and clutter have been frequent issues in your home, you might want to consider creating a lifestyle change. 

Sometimes, it’s so hard to keep the house clean because there’s so much stuff in it to clean in the first place. When you have a clean and tidy home, it can elevate the feel of your home without you spending a single dime. 

With that said, that’s one of the many reasons why more homeowners are considering making the shift towards a more minimalist lifestyle. 

Nothing is cheaper than not spending anything at all, which is what you want to do when creating a minimalist home. A minimalist home is all about creating space in your home only for the items you need and not the ones that aren’t necessary. 

By default, you’ll have more space around your house, and you won’t be spending money buying new furniture or other items to make your home look fancier.


A fancier home doesn’t mean that you have to make expensive choices. 

If you have the will, there’ll be a way to make your home look fancier, even with a limited budget. And the decoration tips listed above are but a few of the many ideas that can help you make tasteful additions to your home. 

Try these for yourself and prove that a beautiful home and an expensive home are not always the same.

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