6 ideas for decorating your garden at Christmas time

6 ideas for decorating your garden at Christmas time

Christmas is coming, ad all of us are eager to decide how to decorate and decorate their homes for the holidays. But even the garden needs to be dressed up, let’s see together some ideas to do it better.

The tradition of Christmas decorating homes has its origins in ancient times. Today we are only, as it should be said, adapted to new means and new technology, allowing us to range in an almost infinite range of decorative possibilities. So, of course, green light for Christmas trees, but also festoons, garlands, light outdoor decorations, branch wreaths and poinsettias, felt puppets, and so on.

Outdoor decorations reflect the ability to make the street on which we live here, our neighborhood, the entire city more beautiful, more magical, in a certain way, just as we make our home more attractive and magical.

There are many ways to decorate the house’s facade and decorate the yard, making it welcoming and happy even in the middle of winter, turning it on with lights and colors. Getting a very large garden is not important. And the driveway in front of the house can be improved to alter its appearance entirely. Luminous Christmas decorations and decorations made particularly for the outdoors will help us wrap our home in a truly magical and unique environment, coupled with imagination and ingenuity.

1- The lights

Let ‘s start with the bright outdoor decorations, an obvious idea, perhaps, but which lends itself to endless, even very original creations. You can decorate your home with different lights available in the market. Check how you can use lights in home decoration at Christmas time.

  • Use a chain of lights on trees, bushes, columns and railings.
  • To build harmonious and impressive light effects, the house’s exterior should provide adequate support points.
  • Benches and garden chairs can also support lights.
  • You can use volt lighting in your home and garden as it gives a nice and attractive look. Grab volt lighting coupon for coming Christmas as it will save your money.
  • Frame your windows with lights, both externally and internally to get stunning results.
  • Use tiny lanterns to make an even more impressive effect, may be made by you with jars of preserves and a little string, and insert the lights inside them.
  • You can indulge in filling them with rows of bright lights if you have a wide garden.

2 – The front door

If we live in a condominium or we have an individual residence, the front door is a fundamental element of our home. The first thing that will meet the eyes of those who walk in front of our residence is the welcome we give to those who come to find us. So it deserves to be decorated and made really special for the holiday season.

  • Children, crowns and feasts are sure to complement the outdoor Christmas décor most appropriate for the front door.
  • On the market, there are beautiful garlands of lights that can make your door the entrance to a world of magic and warmth.
  • You may select the traditional holly festoons or fir leaves, adorned with red ribbons, satin or tulle bows and Christmas decorations..
  • Maybe decorated with gold or silver spray, pine cones may also provide the door with an excellent decorative feature.
  • You can also create a cheerful and colorful Santa Claus to place on guard with rope, cotton wool and cloth.
  • Color your umbrella with acrylic paints, sprinkle it with gold dust and glitter, and decorate it with a nice red bow.

3 – The vases

You can indulge in decorating them in a thousand ways if you have vases in front of the door, or on the windowsills.

  • With Christmas balls and decorations, fill all your vases, which will catch the lights and give them back in endless shining flashes.
  • Fill your pots with plants that are decorative and perfect for the season: first of all, poinsettias, and then dwarf firs, small evergreen bushes, holly, ivy, hellebore.
  • An elegant Christmas frame is made with ribbons and bows wrapped directly around the vases..
  • Paint your pots with attractive colors or just to draw small decorations, snowflakes, stars, and so on.
  • You can put dwarf pines inside them and slide rows of colored lights between them if you have planters. To the planters, you can also add Christmas balls and other decorations.

4 – Windows

Windows offers several decorative solutions that will make both from the outside and from the inside your home beautiful. We have already discussed the possibility of rows of colored lights framing them.

  • We might decorate them with green festoons adorned with Christmas balls and ribbons.
  • It can be fun to use the stencils directly on the glass: we can make beautiful designs with the gold paint, or better still with the spray snow, which can then be easily removed after the holidays.
  • Lovely Christmas-themed adhesive window decals are now on the market. Imposed on our windows, they will make them close to cathedral windows and they will diffuse the color and all the magic of Christmas with the surrounding lights.
  • You may apply stickers that represent Christmas decorations, red bows, little Santa Claus, snowflakes and so on can also be added to the window glass.
  • You may also hang small shapes so that they hang in front of the window, perhaps attached directly to the window frames with ribbons or to the curtain box: both from the outside and from the inside, they will look perfect.

5 – Christmas balls

They are personalized to decorate any part of your home, both inside and outside, of all colors, of all sizes. They’re going to make your garden look like a vault of treasure! Do not skimp if you have planned to put your Christmas tree outside.

  • Use plastic ones that don’t spoil too much with the weather and produce a stunning effect, above all.
  • You can also find Maxi Christmas balls on the market, or you can opt to decorate the big balls as if they were Christmas balls. In both cases, success is assured. When you have a terrace or a balcony, decorate the entire railing with balls and other decorations, probably by sliding a row of lights between them.

6 – Snowmen

What would be more magical and fun than a snowman?

You can make a snowman with old tyres painted white or with an old Christmas tree while waiting to be able to make a true snowman, or alternatively if the winter is not snowy enough. You can make an army of little red and white Santa Claus with upside-down vases and a bit of creativity.

You can find some inflatable snowmen with LED Lights online.


Christmas is an event, we anxiously wait for. There are many more ideas to decorate your home for Christmas. Plan your upcoming event and try to make it within your limited budget. Have a good day…

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