5 Most Commonly Asked Plumbing Questions

As professional plumbers, we regularly get questions from homeowners regarding their plumbing systems. Here are some of the top five most common questions that we receive on a regular basis regarding plumbing.

5 Most Commonly Asked Plumbing Questions

What Can Be Put In A Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposals are generally designed to break up only soft materials like cooked vegetables. Food waste like coffee grounds or eggshells will continue to wear out the blades and cause clogs in your pipes.

Should I Use Chemical Drain Cleaners?

The toxic chemicals in drain cleaners will often deteriorate your pipes from the inside out and this can lead to the need for your drain pipes to be completely replaced. It’s best to avoid these chemicals if at all possible.

Why Does My Toilet Continue To Run?

There’s a portion of your toilet called the flapper which acts on when your toilet bowl is full and shuts off the water. If the flapper is not closing, jiggle the handle and kill the flapper properly and seal over the water tank. If the tank is not filling with water and enough to push the float up to close the flapper, call an expert in plumbing repair.

Why Do I Run Out Of Hot Water Quickly?

Electric hot water heaters require general maintenance. Try the reset button on your hot water heater and see if it throws up an error for you. Gas hot water tanks require a dip tube replacement over time and this is a common issue that lowers the rate of hot water generation.

Why Do Drains Clog?

Drinking clogged for a number of reasons including organic waste from your kitchen, hair or flushing improper items down a toilet. If you’re struggling with ongoing drainage issues, contact a plumber to diagnose the issue today.

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